Easy, Fast and Reliable
Non-Destructive Core Scanning

Thank you for your interest in Avaatech XRF Core Scanner technology. Originally designed and built as a solid and robust machine, the unequaled quality of an Avaatech core scanner continues to make it the instrument of choice for reliable, rapid and non-destructive analysis of sediment and other samples for top researchers all over the world. Our state-of-the-art third-generation Avaatech Core Scanner comes equipped with the latest variable optical XRF technology which delivers an unprecedented resolution and separation of chemical signals.
Avaatech XRF Scanner
XRF Scanner
Optical System Avaatech XRF Scanner
Optical System
System Highlights Avaatech XRF Scanner
System Highlights

Robust and Easy
The Avaatech XRF Core Scanner is a robust instrument that can be used in laboratories on land, on board of research vessels, and in provisional shelters at drilling sites. The scanner and software are easy to operate, require no expert knowledge for routine analysis and only need a limited amount of maintenance.

Color Line Scan
Avaatech XRF Core Scanners can be equipped with a digital Color Line Scan Camera that records images using Visible and UltraViolet light with a cross core coverage up to 150mm and a resolution of 70 µm.

High Resolution
The Avaatech XRF Core Scanner is equipped with a variable optical system that enables any resolution between 10 and 0.1mm. Our Avaatech system scans at a true 100 µm resolution.

High Efficiency
Avaatech XRF Core Scanner systems perform non-destructive analysis of elements from Mg right through to U, on split cores, slabbed cores, U-channel samples, rock slabs, and discrete samples.

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